​​upcoming events:

- 3/19, Cornelia st cafe, Noa Fort and band (NYC)

- 3/24, Artery show, Noa Fort solo (BK)

- 7/12, Mizpe Ramon, Israel - Noa Fort CD releaes tour

- 7/18, Zolelet, Jerusalem, Israel - Noa Fort CD releaes tour

- 7/20, Beit Hayozer, TLV, Israel - Noa Fort CD releaes tour

Past events:


- 1/23, Rockwood Music Hall, 7pm, CD RELEASE SHOW!

-1/7, The Glassbox Theater at The New School, Women Between Arts


-12/10, Cornelia st Cafe (NYC)

- 11/25, Spectrum (NYC), with "red exit"
- 11/26, Addicted East tones series, with Kengchakaj Kengkarnka 

- October 20, The Stone (NYC) Banff Music

​- September 7, Kava Shteeble (NYC)

- August 28, Rockwood Music Hall (NYc)

- June 21, The center at West Park Sanctuary theater (NYC)

- June 18, Rockwood Music Hall (NYC)
- May 5, Mind Crossing, w/Tal Gur, Brooklyn Conservatory (NYC)

- May 4, Mind Crossing, w/Tal Gur, Harlem JCC (NYC)

- May 3, Mind Crossing, w/Tal Gur, Park Slope Jewish Center (NYC)

- April 11th, Duo with Anat Fort Rockwood Music HAll (NYC)

​- march 19th, Rockwood Music Hall (NYC)

- March 2nd, With Josh Millrod, Babycastels (NYC)

-  February 24th In Pete's Candy Store (NYC)

- January 31st in Cornelia St. Cafe (NYC)

- January 13th, Roullette (NYC), the music of William Parker
​- January 4th In Galatea (Berlin), with Gauvain Gamon (Bass) and Yorgos Dimitriadis (Percussion)


​- December 30 In Levontin 7 (TLV), with Tal Ronen (Bass)

​- December 19th, "Far Out series" House concert, with Josh Millrod (NYC)
- September 28th, with Zack Lober (Bass) and Ronen Itzik (Drums), Club Bonafide (NYC)
​​​- August 10th, With Ehud Ettun (Bass) and Ronen Itzik (Drums), Rotchild 12 (TLV)

- July 3rd in Sidewalk cafe (NYC)

- July 1st, with Zack Lober (Bass) and Ronen Itzik (Drums), Rockwood Music Hall (NYC)

- June 21st In La Perla Garden - in Make Music New York (NYC)

​- June 7th, with Hila zamir (clarinet), International House Gala, The Rainbow Room (NYC)

- May 28th, with Zack Lober (Bass) and Ronen Itzik (Drums), Club Bonafide (NYC)
- May 19th, With Jakob Dreyer (Bass) And Goh Izawa (Drums), the International House (NYC)
​- April 19th, with Zack Lober (Bass) and Ronen Itzik (Drums), Casa Mezcal (NYC)

- April 13th, 9:30PM, With Jakob Dreyer (Bass),  Tomi Jazz (NYC)

- March 4th, International House, NYC: "These Girls Are On Fire" show,  the International House (NYC)

- February 17th, 8PM, W/Zack Lober (Bass), Ronen Itzik (Drums), Dominique Bistro (NYC)


- October 18th, Eavesdropping: Guy and the Graphics, Spectrum, (NYC)

- September 8th, 9PM, W/Zack Lober (Bass), Ronen Itzik (Drums), WhyNot Jazz Room, (NYC)

-June 16th, 8PM, W/Zack Lober (Bass), Silvana (NYC)

- May 26th, 9PM, W/ Zack Lober (Bass), Ronen Itzik (Drums), Caffe Vivaldi (NYC)

- April 17th, 7PM, Double Feature w/Alec Betterley,  Pete's Candy Store (NYC)

​- February 24th, 9PM, Caffe Vivaldi, NYC, Solo show

-January 14th, 9PM, Malena Bar, Berlin, Germany: Double featuer w/ Nitsan Bernstein

​-december 30th, 10pm,  "Solo Plus" feat. Anat Fort, Ozen Bar (TLV)

-Dacember 7th, 7pm, International House, nyu, usa: Sunday Supper

-November 9th, 6pm, riro recording studio, NYC, USA: w/jeff Jacobs

- October 31st, 9pm, choga Bar, NYC, USA: w/Jeff Jacobs

​-october 12th, 8pm, rockwood music hall, NYC, USA: w/Jeff Jacobs

-July 30th, 8pm, Beit Avi-chay, Jerusalem, Israel: "solo plus" feat. amir weiss

​-June 30th, 9pm, barby, tel aviv, israel: "Mami" rock opera

-June 23rd, 8pm, Levontin 7, Tel Aviv, Israel: "solo plus", feat. Anat Fort and Amir Weiss

-February 16th, Bowery Poetry Club, NYC, USA: Barbora, Feat. Hadar Ahuvia


​-September 26th, Paper Factory Hotel, NYC, USA: Open canvas day, Trio w/tal gur and ronen shai

New York, NY, United States

​ Noa Fort 

    Music for voices, instruments and colors