​ Noa Fort 

 Music for voices, instruments and colors

 Noa Fort is an Israeli born, New York based Indie-Jazz musician: vocalist, pianist, singer-songwriter, painter of sounds. She draws inspiration from many worlds of music such as Jazz and free improvised music, rock and world music. Whether performing solo or as a keyboardist for other talented musicians, her sound is unique and intimate.


News & Concerts


- May 5, Mind Crossing, w/Tal Gur, Brooklyn Conservatory (NYC)

​- June 25, Rockwood Music Hall (NYC)


"Noa Fort is one of New York’s more interesting and original artists...  Her moodily modulated alto vocals mirror the diversity of styles in her playing: she can channel torchy cabaret, creepy circus rock or work the corners of a song with a jazz and blues sophistication" (NewYorkMusicDaily - for full review cliek here)

New York, NY, United States