Coming Up:

8/10 Operation Gig with Thomas Morgan and Grey McMurray (Brooklyn, NYC)

12/13 Noa Fort Quartet, Palace Theater Poli Club (Waterbury, CT)


Past events:


2/5 with Shinya Lin and Jonathan Reisin at Sisters (Brooklyn, NYC)

3/1 Dan Loomi's Job's Trials at Typology Jazz Series (Hunter College, NYC)

3/23 Purim Event Standing Together, Congregation Beth Elohim (Brooklyn, NYC)
4/7 Jazz Vespers at St. Peter's Church with Chad Taylor (NYC)

4/29 with Anat Fort, Gon Shani, Shahar Haziza (TLV)

5/11 with Mat Maneri (ibeam, Brooklyn)

5/16 '76 Minutes of Hope', solo set (14st Y, NYC)

5/28 Dan Loomis's Songs for the Mother Tree (Shapeshifter lab, NYC)


​1/1 with The Lost Time Orchestra, Assif Tsahar, Levontin, Tel Aviv

1/2 with Jonathan Reisin Quartet (Anat Fort and Shahar Haziza), Shablul, Tel Aviv

2/3 Mike McGinnis 'An Experiment in Sound', with Brian Drye, Dana Lyn, Sara Schoenbeck, Jeong Lim Yang, Harris Eisenstadt, Ibeam, Brooklyn

3/21 Improvised Trio with Jonathan Reisin and Shinya Lyn at Main Drag, Brooklyn

3/29 Improvised Trio with Yoon Sun Choi and Hanna Schorken at Main Drag, Brooklyn

4/1 Improvised Trio with Yoon Sun Choi and Hanna Schorken at Ibeam

​5/13 Cambrils Jazz Fest, Spain Leonor Falcon's Imaga Mondo feat. Noa Fort (w/Juanma Trujillo and Oriol Roca) 
5/18 Pallazo Te Mantova, Italy- Noa Fort Trio (w/Leonor Falcon and Oriol Roca) 
5/19 Vicenza Jazz Fest, Italy - Noa Fort Trio (w/Leonor Falcon and Oriol Roca) 
5/20 Vicenza, Italy - Noa Fort Solo
5/21- Piano City Festival, Milano - Solo

6/2 - Alone, Not Lonely Festival - Ibeam, NYC
6/12 - The Center for Jewish History, NYC - A Dying Person (Opera)  
6/28 - Three's Brewing, Brooklyn - Duo w/Simon Jermyn
6/29 - Brooklyn Artery, Brooklyn - w/Sam Newsom and Sean Conly  
7/12 - Main Drag, Brooklyn - w/Sam Newsom and Sean Conly 
7/23 - Operation gig, Brooklyn - w/Grey McMurray and Thomas Morgan
7/25 - Downtown Music Gallery - w/Jonathan Reisin and Shinya Lyn
8/8 - Soup & Sound, Brooklyn - Duo with Chad Taylor

​10/13 - Stav Festival with Chanan Ben Simon (Cancelled) 

​10/15 - Kyn Trio with Hannah Schorken and Yoon Sun Choi at Ibeam (Cancelled) 

​10/17 - Kyn Trio with Hannah Schorken and Yoon Sun Choi at Main Drag (Cancelled) 


1/5 Noa Fort Quartet (with Ronen Itzik, Eyal Netzer and Zeev Zilberman) at Shablul Jazz, Tel Aviv
1/15 Noa Fort and JP Schlegelmilch at FED

1/29 With William Parker at The Stone - cancelled due to Omicron

3/19 Noa Fort/Sam Newsome/ Sean Conley at Scholes St Studio

3/30 Noa Fort online performance for Louffre publishing house

3/31 With Fay Victor and Larry Blumenfeld, In conversation at the Jazz Music in Harlem 

​​4/14 Noa's 'Plant People' at BK conservatory (with Sara Schoenbeck, Mike McGinnis, Sylvester Germaine, Satoshi Takeishi)

​4/22 Vocal improvisers night at Ibeam with Yoon Sun Choi, Hanna Schorken

4/30 Mike Holober's Album release with Marvin Stamm, Dick Oatts, Jason Rigb, Mark Patterson, Mike McGuirk  and Dennis Mackrel at the Greenwich Music House

6/12 You Hear Me Hear You: sponsored by Brooklyn Arts Council and curated by NF: with Leonor Falcon, Kenneth Jimenez, Satoshi Takeishi at the Q Gardens Community Farm

6/22 Trio with Kenny Warren and Santiago Leibson, Ibeam Brooklyn 

7/11 Noa Fort Quartet at the Jazz Forum Summer series at Henry Gourdine Park, Ossining (with Mike McGinnis, Dan Loomis, Ronen Itzik)
7/12 Improvising Quartet at the The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights gallery, with Erica dicker, Santiago Leibson, Carlo Costa
7/17 Trio with Thomas Morgan and Vinnie Sperrazza at the Soapbox Gallery , Brooklyn
7/29 You Hear Me Hear You: sponsored by Brooklyn Arts Council and curated by NF: with Melanie Dyer, Ken Filliano, Deric  Dickens at the East Flatbush Safe Haven, Brooklyn 
8/20 You Hear Me Hear You: sponsored by Brooklyn Arts Council and curated by NF: with Lathan Hardy, JP Schlegelmilch, Vinnie Sperrazza at the Newkirk Community Garden, Brooklyn 

​9/13 A Night with the Fort Sisters at Beit Ha'amudim, Tel Aviv 

​10/27 Dan Loomis's Job's Trials at Principia College Performing Arts Center

​​10/28 Dan Loomis's Job's Trials at CU Jazz Festival

11/12 Dan Loomis's Trees Project, house concert, BK

12/23 Yonatan Reisin Quartet, Beit Haamudim, Israel
12/24 Albert Beger Quartet, Israel
12/25 Noa Fort Quartet, Mercaz Hadarim, Haifa


8/6 Noa Fort Trio (with Dan Loomis and Ronen Itzik) at Operation Gig, Brooklyn 
6/21 Make Music Ditmas Park w/Miles Okazaki, Dan Loomis and Vinnie Sperrazza, Brooklyn
​​​9/21 "Songs for the Mother Tree" w/Dam Loomis at Mama Tried, Brooklyn  
10/3 Noa Fort Trio with Noah Garabedian and Vinnie Sperrazza at Artmageddon, Brooklyn
​10/9-10/9 Job's Trial with Dan Loomis, Syracuse University 
10/22 Noa Fort's solo at the Manhattan JCC, NYC 
​10/24 Noa Fort, JP Schlegelmilch, Vinnie Sperrazza at Newkirk Community Garden, Brooklyn
10/25  Noa Fort Quartet at Bar Lunatico, Brooklyn
​12/3 Noa Fort Album Release Concert at Church St School for Music and Art


1/6 w/Aryeh Kobrinsky and Sarah Bernstein at the Bushwick Public House

1/10-11 William Parker's Trail of Tears Continuum 1492-2020 at Roulette (Brooklyn)

1/27 w/Simon Jermyn and Vinnie Sperrazza at the Bushwick Public House

1/29 Duo with Simon Jermyn at Balboa (Brooklyn)

2/26 Mary Prescott's Loup Lounaire at Roullete (Brooklyn)

4/19 Honeymoon in the Living Room - w/ Vinnie Sperrazza. Live on FB and IG
4/26 Israeli Artists Project solo show - Live on FB
5/3 Live in Rockwood Music Hall - Live on FB and IG
5/9 on the radio with Dave Sewelson
5/10 Live on Art is Live
​5/25 Soapbox Gallery - duo with Vinnie Sperrazza (Livestream from Brooklyn)
10/17 - 10/18 Rooftop concert with Dan Loomis and Vinnie Sperrazza

12/11 - Noa Fort Quartet at Hunter College (Livestream)​


1/13 Noa Fort Solo at Rockwood Music Hall (NYC)  

3/16 Noa Fort Group at 55 Bar (NYC)

3/24 Trio (w/Keisuke Matsuno & Yuma Uesaka) at Bushwick Public House (Brooklyn)

4/7 GreenThumb Trio (w/Kenneth Jimenez & Satoshi Takeishi) at the Owl (Brooklyn)

5/20 Quartet (w/Micheal Attias, Kenneth Jimenez & Vinnie Sperrazza) Bushwick Public House (Brooklyn)

6/12 Noa Fort Quartet at the Kennedy Center, part of DC Jazz Festival (Washington, DC)

6/14 Noa Fort Quartet at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia) 

11/26 Trio (w/Simon Jermyn and Vinnie Sperrazza) at Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn)

12/16 Trio (w/Mara Rosenbloom & Ken Filiano) at Bushwick Public House (Brooklyn)

12/22 Noa Fort Trio at Rockwood Music Hall (NYC)