"Fort is not only a powerful emotive vocalist, but an inventive lyricist and composer, her pen is in service of the song itself, and the conveyance of the message.  Her organic honesty

flows freely and that is what is most attractive about the many facets of her release.  For her debut offering, this is a lucid start, one I hope to watch blossom for many years to come.  Highly recommended.." (All About Vocals)

"A fine pianist, an exciting vocalist, and a rare, caring human being - the ingredients for a brilliant debut album! Don't miss this one". (Grady Harpy, Amazon top 100 reviewers)

 "A more than successful debut as front-woman of her own trio, with a beautiful record on which her skills as a composer and writing songs are put in the spotlight" (Rootsville - Netherlands) 


​ Noa Fort 

    Music for voices, instruments and colors

"...an album of comforting originality on all fronts. Her voice, in addition to its well-rounded intonation and emotional integrity, finds equal partnership in lyrics brimming with timeless themes." (All About Jazz)

New York, NY, United States

"Over the past few years, pianist/singer Noa Fort has been concretizing a remarkably terse, succinct, purposefully pensive sound that draws on her jazz background as well as western classical music and her own Israeli heritage...Whatever you call this, don’t call it jazz-pop: there’s nothing whatsoever cheesy about Fort’s translucent tunes and lyricism" (Lucid Culture)

"Noa Fort is one of New York’s more interesting and original artists...  Her moodily modulated alto vocals mirror the diversity of styles in her playing: she can channel torchy cabaret, creepy circus rock or work the corners of a song with a jazz and blues sophistication" (NewYorkMusicDaily)

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10/20/2018 - BRIC Jazz Festival (BK) 

 6/12/2019 - Noa Fort Quartet DC Jazz Festival

​6/14/2019 - Noa Fort Quartet Philadelphia Art Museum